To achieve reform, Cameron must demonstrate statesmanship on Greece, build bridges and forge alliances

cameron merkelDavid Cameron is today outlining his demands for EU reform at a summit of Europe’s leaders – though it’s the plight and possible exit of another country that will be front and centre of everyone else’s minds.

Greece is in …

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16 and 17 year-olds deserve a say on their future

EU & Uk flags merged transparent largeThere has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the EU referendum that is set to happen now that David Cameron is back in Number 10. His whistle-stop tour of European countries and the fact that many Tories …

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The Cottage Industry of the Euromyth

EU & Uk flags merged transparent large“Exposing EU “myths” has become something of a cottage industry in recent years.”

So begins an item on the Sky News website.  And though there’s nothing in the article which is either particularly new or surprising, it reminds us that …

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Call for EU to limit trans fats

First published by The Parliament Magazine, June 2015.

Trans fatty acids (TFAs) are a particular type of unsaturated fat found in their natural form in foods obtained from ruminants, such as dairy products and meat.

Artificial, or industrially produced, …

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A “Neverendum” on Europe

cameuThe coming referendum on whether Britain should remain a member of the European Union should be a defining moment about Britain’s place in the world; yet the process leading up to it is shrouded in secrecy and confusion, and the …

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A big day for marriage equality in the Republic of Ireland

Irish Marriage Referendum

Today is an exciting one for equality campaigners in Ireland, with thousands going to the polls to vote in a referendum on marriage equality. This is the first referendum to be held on same-sex marriage anywhere in the world, so …

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EU must raise awareness of links between alcohol use and cancer

First published on The Parliament Magazine, May 2015

wineEurope is the world’s heaviest drinking region, with alcohol consumption reaching double the global average. Alcohol is the second largest lifestyle-related cause of disease in many European countries – second only …

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World Malaria Day 2015: progress at risk with spread of drug resistance

pillsAs the international community prepares to take stock of the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals, Members of European Parliament are gravely concerned by the looming threat of drug resistant malaria.  Currently concentrated in Asia, drug resistance could rapidly spread …

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Disappointment for bird lovers after result of Maltese referendum

Turtle doveThe EU has long recognised the importance of maintaining biodiversity in the EU, and keystone legislation like the Birds Directive and the Habitats Directive are vital for protecting our wildlife.

Unfortunately, this week the hunting lobby in Malta won a …

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Tales from the campaign trail (part 3)

Gloucester Local Election count at Oxstall's Tennis Centre. Checking the paperspicture by Mikal Ludlownews 22-5-14One of the most interesting aspects of knocking on doors is hearing the wide variety of concerns that your average voter has and trying to get to grips with solving them. Although the UK media understandably focuses on national news, …

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