Not in my Name

Last week saw the fascist BNP shamefully take up their seats in the European Parliament. Together with Labour MEPs, I welcomed to Strasbourg GMB members and the ‘Hope not Hate’ campaign who were here to present a petition against the

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Things are beginning to take shape

It’s been an interesting week here in Strasbourg. We have been meeting to decide on the constitution of the new European Parliament and who gets the influential positions and membership of the Parliament’s legislative committees.

For me, as leader of

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A good day for mobile phone users


Two mobile phone-related pieces of good news today.

The first is a small, albeit important example this week of how common sense can prevail and how common rules can be beneficial and cost-saving.

The largest mobile phone manufacturers in …

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Back to Brussels

Following what goes down as the most difficult election campaigns I have ever been a part of I am delighted to have been re-elected to the European Parliament and that Labour in the East Midlands actually improved our position to

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On the campaign trail

The European elections are just 2 weeks away and I’ve been out on the campaign trail this week!

Despite current events in Westminster I am finding the reception good on the doorstep. People are angry, and rightly so, but many

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A vote for the Tories is a vote for isolation

Today’s article on the front page of the Guardian shows just how isolated a British government led by David Cameron would be. It features warnings from European heads of government over Tory policy on Europe

German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared

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A ban on the trade in seal products

That’s it – we got there. We voted on Tuesday to amend legislative proposals from the European Commission to ensure a ban on the trade in seal products within the European Union. Despite an attempt by the Liberal Democrat rapporteur …

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European Economic Recovery Plan


With just 4 weeks to go now until polling day for the European elections, yesterday the European Parliament gave its final seal of approval to the European Commission’s proposed €5 billion economic recovery plan.The measures approved include a focus …

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Swine flu virus

The spread of the swine flu virus is undoubtedly cause for concern given the rapidly rising number of confirmed cases worldwide. In the EU we now have confirmed cases in the UK, Spain and Germany.It is to Alan Johnson …

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An end to phone and energy rip-offs!

It’s been a really busy week here in Strasbourg with much important legislation being voted on which will have positive impacts on people’s everyday lives.

On Wednesday I voted in favour of new caps on the cost of using a

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