Why, especially in times of austerity, a pound pooled is more often than not a pound well spent

As much as I may have disagreed with European Commission President Jose-Manuel Barroso during his State of the Union address on Tuesday, I couldn’t help but agree with one particular point he made, which most observers may have missed.


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State of the Union

Today in Strasbourg we were treated to the very first State of the Union address to MEPs by Commission President Jose-Manuel Barroso (former centre-right Portuguese Prime Minister).

In his attempt to mimic the traditional yearly address of the US President

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Human Trafficking and the UK opt-out

Having watched Channel 4’s recent programmes on Britain’s sex traffickers I found this piece in the Guardian very interesting (Labour Condemn’s UK opt-out from EU directive against sex trafficking), detailing Denis MacShane’s criticism of the coalition government’s decision to opt-out

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Humanitarian aid and the economic crisis

I was pleased to hear EU Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva announce a further €30 million of aid for those affected by the devastating floods in Pakistan.

There are those who believe that, given the economic situation in Britain and …

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Time for UKIP MEPs to grow up

It seems like UKIP MEPs are spending their summer by taking part in a letter writing campaign to their local papers with scare stories about supposed EU plans to require the UK to dissolve dead bodies in acid and tip

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Bird flu – mistakes made, and lessons to be learnt

Some interesting news from last week’s meeting of Health ministers, where they discussed the reaction to the H1N1 (bird flu) pandemic and by all accounts concluded that by acting together the EU’s Member States could have negotiated better terms with

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Hanging in the balance

I have written a short article for the Parliament Magazine, the in-house magazine of the European Parliament on the ramifications of the UK general election for the European Union, and the United Kingdom’s influence within it.

You can read

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And they’re off!

So we’re off. The 6 May election date will hardly come as a surprise to most, but yesterday’s announcement has fired the starting gun on what’s going to be a crucial election.

The debate over the coming weeks will, naturally,

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Robin Hood

I have added my support to the campaign for a Robin Hood tax or financial transaction tax. This campaign, involving charities such as Oxfam and Friends of the Earth is calling for a tiny levy to be placed on the …

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Food for thought…

Yesterday I spent 6 hours in a mammoth voting session in the Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety committee.

The main issue was food information to consumers, which if you’ve been reading this blog you will know is something

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