It won’t happen like this . . . but if it did . . .

ballot boxWith party conferences and frontbench  reshuffles now behind us, political parties are now shifting their attention towards the next set of elections – the last nation-wide contest before the General election – the elections to the European Parliament in May …

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Strasbourg honours brave women

STRAS EP BLDG1Twenty three years is a long time to wait.  But in a special ceremony in Strasbourg today, Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi finally collected the Sakharov Prize she was originally awarded in 1990.

The Sakharov Prize for free …

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Making patients safer

Doctor banging his head realizing a mistakeTwo years ago I spoke to the BBC Record Europe about the need to ensure that doctors and other health professionals are proficient in English before being allowed to practice in the UK.

This followed the tragic case of David

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Why Ed is right to promise 16 year olds the vote

pollingstation2I am delighted that Ed Miliband has announced that the next Labour government will extend voting rights to 16 and 17 year olds.

Young people have been disproportionately affected by the crisis, with one million unemployed in the UK alone. …

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We need biofuels to tackle climate change – but not at the expense of the world’s poor.

Wheat field in the Yorkshire Wolds, Beverley, UK.Last week’s vote on the EU’s biofuels policy was a chance for MEPs to make sure that we have a genuinely sustainable and effective environmental policy that will help to secure Europe’s position as a world leader in the fight …

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Union jack flag in beefYou shouldn’t believe everything you read in newspapers.  In fact, where certain of our print media is concerned, and the article concerns Europe, it’s probably best to assume it’s inaccurate, right from the start.  It saves time.

The most recent …

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A bad week for UKIP

hemicycleIt’s not been a good week for UKIP.

First of all, they lost one of their MEPs.    Mike Nattrass from the West Midlands announced he had left UKIP, saying that Nigel Farage’s leadership of the party was “totalitarian”:

He’s the …

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We’re all going on a (rights guaranteed) summer holiday

S and D UK delegation (EPLP) MeetingDavid SKINNER Going on holiday to Europe this summer?   There have never been greater safeguards for people travelling from country to country, more protection against the unexpected, or more guarantees for the tourist.

There’s a whole raft of rights and benefits that …

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We we can’t let the Tories’ Euroscepticism disadvantage UK young people

This blog was first published on Labour List 28 June 2013

While coverage of this week’s European summit has focused on the perennial ‘fight’ for the British rebate, against the grim backdrop of the comprehensive spending review, positive news about …

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Megatrucks – No thanks

GW crop In April, new proposals for HGV vehicles were published by the European Commission.  They’re causing a bit of a stir as critics are saying they could potentially allow so-called mega trucks to become the norm across Europe.

Labour MEPs have …

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