Anger at Tory fish vote

Consumers who want clearer food labelling will be perplexed and angry at a vote by Conservative MEPs in the European Parliament, a local MEP has said.

Glenis Willmott, who has campaigned for more transparent information on the food we buy, explained:  “Labour MEPs and others yesterday voted to support a change to the way we label fish, which would allow shoppers to know the date their fish was caught, rather than the date it was landed.”

“But the right wing majority in the European Parliament – including to their shame, British Tories -voted down the amendment.”

A survey conducted by the magazine “Which?” showed that eight out of ten British consumers want to know the date their fresh fish is caught.

“Customers want to know their fish is fresh.  Under present legislation, you can only see the date the fish arrived in port.”

“We wanted to allow people to support the small-scale fishing boats in coastal communities, who go out just for a short time, providing smaller, but fresher, catches.”

“Labour and its allies supported the new legislation overall, but we still want to see the rules on labelling and consumer information improved.”


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