Anger at top bosses “soaring” pay

Successful business man sitting on money stairsNews that incomes of Britain’s top bosses have risen substantially, while most people are still struggling, has angered an East Midlands MEP.

A recent report by Income Data Services shows that while the basic pay of FTSE 100 Directors has gone up by only 4%, and bonuses have actually fallen, their total pay has actually soared by 14%.

Glenis Willmott said:

“Once again we’re seeing one rule for the rich and privileged and another for everyone else.

“The IDS report shows that nearly two thirds of FTSE Directors benefit from long-term incentive plans.   Incomes from these, which are based on stocks and shares, have risen substantially, so have more than made up for anything lost in lower annual bonuses.

“With bosses overall pay going up 20 times faster than the average worker, it’s clearer than ever that we are not “all in this together.”

“Britain may have come out of recession, but only the favoured few are seeing the benefits!”



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