Action on fuel efficiency claims

Petrol pumpA Labour MEP has welcomed European action which will ensure more accurate measurements of fuel efficiency in our cars.

Following a letter from a constituent complaining that claims by manufacturers regarding fuel consumption were unrealistic, Glenis Willmott had written to the European Commission asking them to investigate the issue.

Glenis explained: “My constituent perfectly reasonably pointed out that claims for fuel consumption on new cars produced under test conditions could not realistically be repeated in real life on Britain’s roads.”

“Understandably, as a consumer, he felt cheated in being promised a car that would do so many miles to the gallon, yet, despite careful driving, he had been unable to achieve anything like the fuel consumption advertised.

“In response to my letter, European Commissioner Antonio Tajani has replied, saying that the Commission will be undertaking a number of initiatives in the course of the next year which, once agreed, should significantly improve the accuracy of fuel consumption measurement and better reflect real driving conditions.”

“I very much hope that these new initiatives will allow anyone buying a car to gain a much more realistic picture about how many miles per gallon a new car will actually do on the road, rather than just under test conditions.

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