337,000 jobs at risk across the East Midlands

factory workerA third of a million jobs across the East Midlands are being put at risk by talk of Britain leaving the EU, the Region’s Labour MEP has said.

A new report earlier this week revealed that 337,000 jobs in the region are dependent on trade with the EU, and Glenis Willmott, who leads Labour in the European Parliament, has promised to fight to protect the interests of local people, whose livelihoods are threatened.

She said: “With Britain’s membership of the European Union under intense debate, these figures show the extent to which jobs in our region are linked to trade with the rest of the EU.

“At a time when families are struggling with the cost of living crisis, the last thing we need is hundreds of thousands of jobs placed at risk.

“Of course the EU isn’t perfect and there are reforms we will make, but this week’s report once again highlights the danger of listening to those who want Britain to turn our back on Europe.

“Jobs in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and all the other towns and villages of the East Midlands are best protected by engaging with our European colleagues to make the EU work better for British interests, to get the best deal for hard-working taxpayers.”

“337,000 jobs is 16% of our workforce, that’s the highest proportion of all the Regions, and it’s risen by almost 10% since 1997.  So it’s even more important for us here in the East Midlands.”

Across the country, exports to the EU bring in an average of £3,500 per head and are responsible for 4.2million jobs in the UK workforce.


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